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About Us

K-REINE is originally a North African brand, available in many countries around the world


Our priority is to meet the aesthetic needs of women to reflect their self-confidence first followed by their external beauty. As we realize that beauty needs are different from one woman to another, we have therefore provided anti-aging products, skincare for all skin types, body care, and hair care products that are free of Salt and sulfates.

K-REINE focuses on the individual nature of skin, hair, and body caused by ethnic, cultural, and age differences. Our products were developed by relying and focusing on natural ingredients extracted from plants, flowers, and fruits. Our ingredients are rich in vitamins and natural minerals of high quality that meet. The highest international standards and focusing on everything that concerns women to look more beautiful and fresh, while providing the perfect self-care routine 

Licensed by the Food and Drug Administration

K-REINE has many patented products in its` Products line


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